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Privacy Policy

Introduction and Overview

At Dicas da Andy, the privacy of our visitors is of paramount importance. We value your concerns about the information collected on https://dicasdaandy.com/en/.

To address these concerns, we have developed this policy document to clarify questions regarding how we manage personal information on our website.

Scope of This Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Dicas da Andy is designed to cover the collection, usage, and safeguarding of personal data solely on our website, https://dicasdaandy.com/en/.

This policy outlines our dedication to protecting your privacy on our digital platform and is limited to the scope of our website operations.

We guarantee that any data collected or provided on Dicas da Andy is governed by the guidelines of this policy, providing you with clarity and trust in our commitment to privacy on our website.


By using Dicas da Andy website, users give their explicit agreement to the terms of our privacy policy.

This consent reflects an informed acceptance of our methods for collecting, processing, and using personal data within our website’s framework.

We stress the importance of fully understanding our privacy policy to grasp how your information is managed.

Continuing to use https://dicasdaandy.com/en/ constitutes an ongoing agreement to the terms of our privacy policy and our Terms of Use.

I. Data Collection

Transparency is key in our data collection methods at Dicas da Andy. We collect personal information with specific objectives, ensuring you are aware of the purpose.

This includes security protocols or tracking methods to improve your website experience.


Upon registering on Dicas da Andy, we directly collect information from you to personalize your platform experience.

This encompasses crucial details such as your name, email, contact number, birth date, and more. Your provision of this data during registration helps us customize our services to your preferences, ensuring a secure and tailored experience on Dicas da Andy.


Through your interactions with our platform, certain information is automatically gathered. This includes your IP address, geographical location, browser details, access times, and browsing habits.

These automated processes enhance user experience, allowing us to monitor trends, refine our services, and improve Dicas da Andy’s functionality.

1. Cookies and Web Beacons

Dicas da Andy employs cookies for both personalization and analytics. These small files, saved by your browser during website visits, extend beyond our site.

Whether revisiting https://dicasdaandy.com/en/ or browsing elsewhere, your browser maintains records of the types/versions of sites previously visited.

This enables us to design pages that better suit your preferences, offering a more personalized and smooth online experience.


1. Advertising Partners

Dicas da Andy partners with esteemed advertising networks, including Google AdSense, to support our platform while delivering high-quality content and services.

Google AdSense, a recognized advertising solution, may use third-party cookies on your browser for targeted advertising based on your interests and browsing activity. These cookies enhance the relevance of ads you see on Dicas da Andy and elsewhere, aiming for more engaging advertising content.

2. Advertising Partners’ Privacy Policies

Our advertising partners, such as Google AdSense, have their privacy policies. We advise reviewing these policies to understand their data handling practices. We are committed to transparency and choose partners who meet high privacy and user protection standards.

For any queries about our advertising methods or partnerships like Google AdSense, consult our Privacy Policy or contact our support for more details.

3. Third-Party Privacy Policies

The privacy policy of Dicas da Andy does not cover other advertisers or websites. Consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more information on their data handling and opt-out options.

II. Using Your Information

The information we collect is utilized to personalize and enhance your experience on Dicas da Andy, aiming to tailor the site to your preferences and improve our features.

III. Commitment to Data Protection

Protecting your information is a critical priority for Dicas da Andy. We are dedicated to implementing protective measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Our commitment to data security underscores our continuous effort to maintain and strengthen your trust. We handle your data with the highest level of care, ensuring a secure and reliable online presence on Dicas da Andy.

IV. Upholding Your Privacy Rights

Dicas da Andy values and respects your privacy rights, aiming for transparency in how we collect, use, and protect your personal data.

1. Your Rights

You are entitled to know what information we collect, its purpose, and how it is used. We also respect your right to manage your personal data, including updating, correcting, or deleting it as necessary. For any concerns about your privacy rights, consult our Privacy Policy or contact us for assistance.

2. Data Retention Policy

We hold onto user data to provide a continuous and personalized platform experience, unless a specific request for removal is made. Your data is securely stored and used to improve your interactions with Dicas da Andy. We respect your privacy and offer the option to remove your data upon request via our contact page https://dicasdaandy.com/en/contact/.

V. California Privacy Rights

Dicas da Andy acknowledges the privacy rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), offering specific protections for personal information of California residents. We are committed to CCPA compliance, providing transparency and control over personal data. California residents with privacy inquiries or requests can consult our Privacy Policy or contact our support team.

VI. GDPR Data Protection Rights

We uphold the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rights, granting individuals control over their personal data. GDPR ensures rights to access, correct, delete, or restrict processing of personal data. We communicate transparently about data processing practices, and users can exercise their rights by reviewing our Privacy Policy or contacting support.

VII. Children’s Information

We prioritize the privacy and security of children’s information, adhering to strict privacy policy guidelines. Dicas da Andy does not intentionally gather personal data from individuals under 18 without verifiable parental consent. If we inadvertently collect such information, contact us to facilitate its prompt removal from our systems.

VIII. Privacy Policy Updates

Dicas da Andy reserves the right to update our privacy practices to remain in line with legal standards and our commitment to user protection. Continued use of our services indicates awareness of and agreement with any updates to our privacy policy.

IX. Contact Information

For any queries, concerns, or clarifications regarding our privacy practices, do not hesitate to contact https://dicasdaandy.com/en/contact/.