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Terms and Conditions

General Usage Terms and Conditions for Dicas da Andy

The comprehensive General Terms and Conditions presented here govern the use of the Dicas da Andy Blog, detailing the presentation of our Infoproducts services to our audience and the application of relevant legal and policy frameworks.

Inclusive of these Terms is our commitment to the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Email Marketing, and SMS Usage Terms as outlined on our site, accessible via: https://dicasdaandy.com/en-uk/. These documents collectively form the foundation of our engagement with the Blog’s users globally.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that Dicas da Andy remains uninvolved in any partner-related credit analysis or approval processes. Decisions related to business engagements, credit extensions, or offers are autonomously made by our partners, based on their unique criteria and risk assessments.


From you, we expect: a commitment to transparency, clarity, responsibility, and respect in service usage. From us, you can anticipate: respect, clarity, honesty, and responsibility in service delivery, ensuring absolute transparency in terms access and term adherence. Our content promises to deliver newsletters filled with general advice on finance and investments, including partner-directed offers aimed at enhancing your financial well-being.


“USER” defines an individual, aged 18 or above, who possesses a valid, registered email and a Brazilian telephone number authorised by ANATEL. This individual provides such details through our “QUIZ” on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

The “QUIZ” is a tool used, with your consent, to gather data including name, email, phone number, and financial insights.

“INFOPRODUCTS” encompasses newsletters and advice on financial markets and improvements to your financial lifestyle, offered by our partners.

Email Marketing and SMS Services are platforms that distribute our Infoproducts, with consent from the User, to the provided email and phone contacts.

“OPT-IN” signifies the act of consenting to receive electronic messages from us.

Dicas da Andy is the managing entity behind the email dispatch of Infoproduct content.


Dicas da Andy connects users with financial and investment market sites via SMS and Email Marketing, facilitating autonomous service or product engagements with third parties, without our intervention.

By accessing and agreeing to the site’s Terms, and by registering via our “QUIZ,” you consent to the conditions laid out and the receipt of our Infoproduct services.

Attention When Redirected

Upon redirection to a partner’s site, it’s imperative to thoroughly review all provided information, including Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. We hold no accountability for the content or practices of partner sites, including their offered services and products.

Users are advised to adhere to best practices for internet navigation and security, including the use of secure devices and networks, alongside maintaining up-to-date antivirus and software.

Dicas da Andy is not liable for losses incurred through misuse of our blog or external factors beyond our control. Furthermore, we do not request payments or transfers for financial product endorsements and caution against opening suspicious email or SMS attachments.

Users are prohibited from infringing on third-party rights or engaging in monitoring, harassment, or fraudulent activities via our blog.

We cherish our unique user relationships, hence the terms require relinquishing the right to class action, favoring arbitration (Law No. 9,307 of 1996) before judicial recourse.

Contact Us

For inquiries, problem resolution, complaints, or additional information about our Infoproducts, users are encouraged to utilise the “CONTACT” section on our website.

Applicable Law

These Terms are to be interpreted according to their meaning in the Portuguese language. The legal framework governing this agreement is that which is current and applicable in Brazil, with a preference for resolving any disputes via arbitration (Law No. 9.307 of 1996), followed by the Consumer Protection Code (Law No. 8,078 of 1990), should arbitration not be agreed upon.

In the event of arbitration refusal, disputes will be addressed in the jurisdiction of Belo Horizonte, MG.

Data Regulation

Consenting to our Infoproducts service implies agreement with our data collection, processing, and storage practices as regulated by the General Data Protection Law (LGPD, Law No. 13.709 of 2018). Consent can be revoked at any time by contacting our DPO at the previously mentioned email.

Updating Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Use for the Dicas da Andy Blog are subject to change, amendment, or replacement at any time without prior notice, at our sole discretion. Users who do not agree to these mandatory and binding terms are advised not to use the services of Dicas da Andy.